Princess Charlotte o Cambridge

seicont bairn an anly dauchter o Prince William, Duke o Cambridge, an Catherine, Duchess o Cambridge

Princess Charlotte o Cambridge (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana,[fn 1] born 2 Mey 2015) is the seicont bairn an anly dauchter o William, Prince o Wales, an Catherine, Princess o Wales. She haes an aulder brither, Prince George o Wales (born 22 Julie 2013) an a younger brither, Prince Louis o Wales (born 23 Aprile 2018); Charlotte is third in line tae the Breetish throne.

Princess Charlotte
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Born2 Mey 2015(2015-05-02) (age 8 years)
St Mary's Hospital, Lunnon, UK
Full name
Charlotte Elizabeth Diana[fn 1]
HooseHoose o Windsor
FaitherWilliam, Prince o Wales
MitherCatherine, Princess o Wales


  1. a b Teetled ryals such as Princess Charlotte dae nae normally uise a surname. When needit, the surname for descendants o Elizabeth II is uisually Mountbatten-Windsor.[1]


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