Porazava (Belaroushie: Поразава, Roushie: Порозово, Pols: Porozów) is a toun in Grodno Region, Belaroushie near the toun o Svislac.[1]

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Porazava

The toun haed a thrivin Jewish commonty an synagagogue prior tae Warld War II. Amang those born in the toun wis the "mither o Yiddish theatre" Ester Rachel Kamińska.


  1. Vitaut Kipel, Zora Kipel Byelorussian statehood: reader and bibliography 1988 - Page 320 "He was born in the town of Porazava, near the city of Vatikavysk on December 16. 1888. His parents were poor urbanites who owned some land on which they worked. Hadleuski went to local schools in Porazava and in the town of Svislac."

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Coordinates: 52°56′N 24°22′E / 52.933°N 24.367°E / 52.933; 24.367