Poleetical pairty

A poleetical pairty is an organization o fowk that seeks for ti acquire an exercise poleetical pouer, in ordinar for ti provide some perceived guid for society. Aftentimes members hae mony common goals, houaniver this isna aye the case. Some pairties are formit wi only a single issue in mynd, ithers hae policies on a wide reenge o issues, formin a poleetical ideologie.

In democracies, poleetical pairties an thair members are electit bi the fowk o a kintra or region for ti represent thaim in a govrenment. Some kintras sic as Fraunce or Swaden hae mony muckle poleetical pairties that can haud pouer and ithers sic as Cheenae hae anely the tane pairty that can haud pouer - kennt as an ane-pairty seestem.