Peter Moore (serial killer)

Welsh serial killer

Peter Moore (born 1940)[1] is a Welsh serial killer who awned an managit a nummer o cinemas in North Wales.[2][3] He murdered four men in 1995. Due to his attire he was dubbed the "man in black".[4]

Peter Moore
BornPeter Howard Moore
Ither namesThe Man In Black
Criminal penalty
Life impreesonment
Span o killins
September 1995–December 1995



Atween September an December 1995, he stabbit tae daith an mutilatit fower men "for fun". He wis sentencit tae life impreesonment in November 1996.[2]


  • Henry Roberts, a 56-year-auld gay man who livit in Anglesey; stabbit tae daith in September 1995
  • Edward Carthy, a 28-year-auld man whom Moore met in a gay bar; stabbit tae daith in Clocaenog Forest in October 1995
  • Keith Randles, a 49-year-auld traffeck manager; stabbit tae daith in November 1995 on the A5 road in Anglesey
  • Anthony Davies, 40; stabbit tae daith in Pensarn Beach, Abergele in December 1995



Durin his trial, Moore tauld the jury the creemes wur committit bi a homosexual lover he elknamit "Jason" efter the killer in the Friday the 13th horror films. The jury foond him guilty on aw coonts.[5]



Durin his time in Wakefield Prison Moore befriendit Harold Shipman, the serial killer an umwhile GP who hanged hissel in Januar 2004.[6] In Juin 2008, Moore wis tauld bi the Heich Court that he wad spend the rest o his life in preeson.[2] On 3 Mairch 2011 Moore challengit the rulin in the European Court o Human Richts, wi a view tae haein his sentence quashed an sic sentences ootlawed throughoot Europe.[7] Housomeivver, on 17 Januar 2012 it wis annooncit that his appeal haed failed.[8]

On 13 October 2011 it wis falsely reportit that Moore haed dee'd at Broadmoor hospital on 30 Julie.[4]


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