Pape Conon

Pape Conon (Italian: Conone; c. 630 – 21 September 687) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 21 October 686 tae his daith in 687.[1] He haed been put forrit as a compromise candidate, thare bein a conflict atween the twa factions resident in Roum—militar an clerical. On his daith, Conon wis buried in the Patriarchal Basilica o St. Peter.

Pope Conon.jpg
Installed21 October 686
Term endit21 September 687
PredecessorJohn V
SuccessorSergius I
Personal details
Birth name???
Sicily, Byzantine Empire
Deed(687-09-21)21 September 687
Roum, Byzantine Empire


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