Pairlament o Scotland

The Pairlament o Scotland, officially the Estates o Pairlament, wis the legislature o the Kinrick o Scotland. The unicameral pairlament o Scotland is first fand on record durin the early twalt century, wi a meetin forgaitherin aroond 1140 at Edinburgh Castle,[1] an the first gaiterin for whilk a primary source survives (referred tae, like the contemporaneous Pairlament o Ingland, as a colloquium in the survivin Laitin records) wis at Kirkliston (a smaw toun nou on the ootskirts o Edinburgh) in 1235, durin the ring o Alexander II o Scotland.[2]

Pairlament Hoose in Edinburgh, the hame o the Estates o Parliament atween its completion in 1639 an the Union o 1707.

The pairlament, that is referred tae as the Estates o Scotland, the Three Estates (Middle Scots: Thrie Estaitis), the Scots Pairlament or the auld Scots Pairlament, met till the Treaty o Union merged the pairlament o Scotland an the Pairlament o Ingland, shapin the new Pairlament o Great Breetain in 1707.

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