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The Order o Lenin (Roushie: Орден Ленина, Orden Lenina), named efter the leader o the Roushie October Revolution, wis the heichest decoration bestowed bi the Soviet Union.

Order o Lenin
Kiselev's Order of Lenin (cropped).png
The Order o Lenin
Awarded by the  Soviet Union
Type Single-grade order
Eligibility Ceetizens o the Soviet Union; foreigners; institutions, enterprises an collectives
Awairdit for
  • ootstanding services rendered tae the State,
  • exemplary service in the airmed forces,
  • promotin friendship an cooperation atween fowks an in strenthenin peace, an
  • meritorious services tae the Soviet state an society
Status No langer awairdit
Established Aprile 6, 1930
First awairdit Mey 23, 1930
Last awairdit December 21, 1991
Tot awairdit 431,418
Next (heicher) Hero o the Soviet Union
Next (lawer) Order o the October Revolution
Order of Lenin ribbon bar.png
Ribbon o the Order o Lenin