The Order o Lenin (Roushie: Орден Ленина, Orden Lenina), named efter the leader o the Roushie October Revolution, wis the heichest decoration bestowed bi the Soviet Union.

Order o Lenin
The Order o Lenin
Awarded by the  Soviet Union
TypeSingle-grade order
EligibilityCeetizens o the Soviet Union; foreigners; institutions, enterprises an collectives
Awairdit for
  • ootstanding services rendered tae the State,
  • exemplary service in the airmed forces,
  • promotin friendship an cooperation atween fowks an in strenthenin peace, an
  • meritorious services tae the Soviet state an society
StatusNo langer awairdit
EstablishedAprile 6, 1930
First awairditMey 23, 1930
Last awairditDecember 21, 1991
Tot awairdit431,418
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Ribbon o the Order o Lenin