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Odin (whiles cried Oden an aw, Óðinn) wes the heidmaist god o the pantheon in Norse Meethology. He wes the king o the Æsir, the main curn o Norse gods, forby bein faither o monie o thaim.

Odin wes a god o war, but wes connectit tae wisdom, musardrie an weirdrie an aw. He gaed on an aicht-leggit cuddy cryed Sleipnir an uisit a muckle spear, Gungnir. He haed a weirdlie airm-ring cryed Draupnir, whilk wad mak eicht mair rings ilka nine day.

He wes assistit bi his twa corbies, Hungin an Munin (Thocht an Mindin) that tells him about aw the gangins-on the wurld.

He haes bot ae ee, syne he sacrificed ane tae drink frae the fountain o wisdom.

Hauf the sauls o kemps killt in baittle wull be taen tae his haw, Valhalla bi the Valkyries tae feast there til Ragnarok, whan they s' fecht in his airmy.

Odin wes mairriet tae Frigg an Jord (the yird). His auldest son wes Thor, the thunnergod.

At Ragnarok Odin s' be killt by the ouf Fenrir, son o Loki.

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