Obligado is a toun in the Itapúa department o Paraguay. It is 410 mile frae the ceety o Asunción. It wis formed as an German colony on 25 Mey 1912. It is kent as the Industrial Caipital o Itapúa an aw.



The fertile soil o this district makes its indwallers ar engaged in livestock farmin, especially soybeans, in terms o livestock, beef cattle hae. The district haes the Cooperativa Colonias Unidas, ane o the lairgest in the region, an the port cried Puerto Obligado.



Locatit in sootheastren Itapúa, their lands ar covered bi lairge plains, uised bi local fowk for the dedication tae agricultural an livestock production.

Forced District, boondit on the north bi the District Pirapó, the District o Bella Vista an the District o Alto Vera. Tae the sooth is bordered bi Argentinae, separatit bi the Paraná River, an the District o Hohenau. Tae the east lies the district o Bella Vista. Tae the wast lies the district o Hohenau an San Pedro del Paraná.



The inter-district roads ar paved entirely. Ootside the main toun Obligado, mony o the roads ar dirt yet, but nou ar being taken tae pave the roads.

Modern transport buses serve passengers tae be transportit frae ane place tae anither an haes regular services tae the naition's caipital an aw.

Affers mobile services, radio stations, a TV, air channels, videocable an the Internet.



The department's average temperature is belaw 25 degrees C an in cold wather is aften even lawer temperatures ar projectit at 4 degrees Celsius, -4 °C. The cold is particularly intense in auries close tae the river Paraná. The Department recordit hie temperatures in the simmer, reachin a maximum at 38 °C in Januar tae Februar.

As the average annual rainfall stands at 1,700 mm, the months o lawest rainfall in the region ar Julie an August while the wettest month is October, comin tae be even smawer tornadoes.



Dr. Argentine Pastor Servando Obligado awned the lands on which they ar settled this ceety an sold tae the foondin settlers. He wis elevatit tae the District on 20 Juin 1955.

This an the nearby touns o Bella Vista Hohenau an constitute a production unit that wis tae be cried "United Colonies."