Norse leid

North Germanic leid
(Reguidit frae Norwegian leid)

Norse or Norawa (norsk) is a Germanic leid spak mainly in Norawa, whaur it is an offeecial leid. Thegether wi Swadish an Dens, Norse forms a continuum o mair or less mutually intelligible local an regional variants (c.f. Scots-Inglis byleid continuum).

Pronunciation[nɔʂk] (East and North)
[nɔʁsk] (Wast)
Native taeNorawa
Native speakers
5.2 million (2015)[1]
Early forms
Staundart forms
written Bokmål (offeecial)
 • written Riksmål (unoffeecial)
written Nynorsk (offeecial)
 • written Høgnorsk (unoffeecial)
Laitin (Norse alphabet)
Norse Braille
Norse Sign Leid
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
Template:Kintra data Nordic Cooncil
Regulatit biLeid Cooncil o Norawa (Bokmål an Nynorsk)
Norse Academy (Riksmål)
Ivar Aasen-sambandet (Høgnorsk)
Leid codes
ISO 639-1no – inclusive code

Individual codes:

ISO 639-2nor – inclusive code

Individual codes:
nob – Bokmål

nno – Nynorsk
ISO 639-3norinclusive code
Individual codes:
nob – Bokmål
nno – Nynorsk
Linguasphere52-AAA-ba to -be;
52-AAA-cf to -cg
Areas where Norwegian is spoken, including North Dakota (where 0.4% of the population speaks Norwegian), western Wisconsin (<0.1% of the population), and Minnesota (0.1% of the population) (Data: U.S. Census 2000).
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Thir continental Scandinavian leids thegether wi the insular leids Faroese an Icelandic, an some deid leids, constitutes the North Germanic leids (cried Scandinavie leids an aw). Faroese an Icelandic is nae langer mutually intelligible wi Norse in thair spoken form, acause continental Scandinavie haes diverged frae them.

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