Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System (an aa abbreviatit as NES) is an 8-bit video gemme console that wis developed an manufactured bi Nintendo.

Nintendo Entertainment System
Official Nintendo Entertainment System logo
Nintendo Entertainment System with controller
Nintendo Family Computer
Tap: Nintendo Entertainment System wi controller
Bottom: Nintendo Family Computer
An aa kent asFamily Computer/Famicom (Japan)
Hyundai Comboy (Korea)
DeveloperNintendo / RICOH
TypeVideo gemme console
GenerationThird generation
Release date
    Retail availability1983-2003
    Introductory price¥14,800 (Japan)
    $299.00 (US Deluxe Set)
        Units sauldWorldwide: 61.91 million
        Japan: 19.35 million
        North Americae: 34.00 million
        Europe & Australie: 8.56 million[4]
        MediaROM cartridge ("Game Pak")b[›]
        CPURicoh 2A03 8-bit processor (MOS Technology 6502 core)
        Controller input2 controller portsc[›]
        1 expansion slot
        Best-sellin gemmeSuper Mario Bros. (pack-in), 40.23 million (as o 1999)[5]
        Super Mario Bros. 3 (pack-in), 18 million (as o Julie 27, 2008)[6]
        Super Mario Bros. 2,
        10 million[7]
        PredecessorColor TV Game
        SuccessorSuper Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System


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