This airticle is aboot the unit o poust; for the naitural philosopher, see Isaac Newton.

In naitural philosophy, the newton (seembol: N) is the SI unit o poust, cryed sae efter Sir Isaac Newton in recogneition o his wark on clessical mechanics. It wis first uised aboot 1904, but it wisna till 1948 that it wis offeicially adoptit bi the General Collogue on Wechts an Meisurs (CGPM) as the name for the MKS unit o poust.

A newton is defined as the amoont o poust needit tae accelerate a mass o ae kilogram at a rate o ae metre per seicont quadrate.

The newton is an SI derivate unit, written as kg·m·s−2 in SI base units.

Syne ae defineition o wecht is the poust actin atween twa objects acause o gravity, the newton is the unit o wecht an aa. A mass o ae kilogram naur the Yird's surface haes a wecht o aboot 9.81 N, altho this feigur differs bi a few tents o ae per cent ower the Yird's surface. Conversely, an object wi a mass o 9.81−1 kg (≈ 101.94 g) wyes aboot 1 N. Raither fittinly, gien the yairn anent hou Newton wun at his theory o gravity, this is aboot the mass o a smaa aiple.

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