Necrophobic is a Swadish daith metal baund formit in 1989.

OreiginStockholm, Swaden
GenresDaith metal[1]
Blackened daith metal[2]
Years active1989–present
MembersTobias Sidegård
Sebastian Ramstedt
Johan Bergebäck
Alex Friberg
Joakim Sterner

History eedit

Necrophobic wis foondit in 1989 bi drummer Joakim Sterner an guitarist David Parland. It is believed that the baund named themselves efter a Slayer sang frae the 1986 seminal album Reign in Blood. The pair played wi a 'revolvin door' line-up of muisicians till the permanent addition o bassist Tobias Sidegård. This addition occurred prior tae recordin their debut 7" Single, "The Call" in early 1992.

Wi this line up an the addition o Anders Strokirk on vocals who replaced Stefan Harrvik (who haed sung on the "Unholy Prophecies" demo an "The Call" 7" EP) the baund entered Sunlight Studio in Mairch 1993 an recordit the debut "The Nocturnal Silence" album. The baund haed previously wirkt wi the Wild Rags label an store for its singles.

Follaein the addition o seicont guitarist Martin Halfdahn, Necrophobic released a fower-sang extendit play, Spawned By Evil, in 1996. This wis a teaser for the full-length release, Darkside, which came oot later that same year. This album featured a guest appearance bi Jon o Dissection on the sang Nailing the Holy One. Third Antichrist wis released in hairst 2000 through Black Mark Records. A switch tae Hammerheart Records led tae Bloodhymns. Necrophobic's Death To All wis issued in Mey 2009 an wan the title o the Album Of The Month on Webzine. This album wis the baund's seicont for Regain Records.

The leerics generally tend tae revolve aroond daurkness, evil, anti-Christianity an Viking meethology.

Baund members eedit

Current memmers eedit

  • Johan Bergebäck - Guitar (Nifelheim, ex-Dismember, *ex-Morpheus )
  • Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar (Nifelheim, ex-Morpheus)
  • Tobias Sidegård - Vocals (ex-Therion)
  • Alex Friberg - Bass (Trident)
  • Joakim Sterner - Drums (Souldevourer)

Umwhile memmers eedit

  • Martin Halfdan 1993-2000 - Guitar
  • Stefan Zander 1990 - Vocals, Bass
  • Stefan Harrvik - Vocals (Crematory)
  • Anders Strokirk - Vocals (Blackshine, Hetsheads, ex-Mykorrhiza)
  • Joakim Stabel - Bass (Blackshine, Hetsheads)
  • David Parland 1989-1996, 2000-2001 - Guitar (Dark Funeral, Infernal, War)

Discografie eedit

Demos eedit

EPs eedit

  • The Call - (1993)
  • Spawned by Evil - (1996)
  • Tour EP 2003 - (2003)

Albums eedit

Ither eedit

  • Satanic Blasphemies - Compilation - (2008)
  • Satanic Blasphemies - Boxed Set - (2008)

References eedit

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