Nawal Al Zoghbi

Nawal Al Zoghbi (Arabic: نوال الزغبي[needs IPA], born 29 Juin 1971, Byblos, Lebanon) is a Lebanese sangster. Performin in Arabic she haes a solid fan base throughoot the Arab world an extendin intae Iran an North Americae an Europe.[1][2][3] Her muisical career haes spanned ower 20 years. Zoghbi believes her success is due tae the true emotion she delivers through her voice. She is quotit as sayin "whether a voice is big or sma, if it lacks emotion it will niver succeed".[4]

Nawal Al Zoghbi
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Background information
Native nameنوال الزغبي
Birth nameNawal George Al Zoghbi
Born (1971-06-29) 29 Juin 1971 (age 49)
Byblos, Lebanon
GenresArabic muisic, pop muisic, pop fowk
Years active1988–present
LabelsRelax In (1992—1993) – (1997—1999)
Music Box International (1994—1996)
Rotana (1999—2002) (2007—2009)
Alam elPhan(2002—2007)
Melody Music (2009—)


Born tae a Maronite Catholic faimily in Byblos, she haulds Canadian citizenship an aw. Al Zoghbi is the auldest born amang three brithers an ane sister.[5] Al Zoghbi began singin at an early age, despite faimilial opposition tae the lifestyle o a muisicker. Members of her faimily chyngit their mynds when they realisit she wis serious in her ambitions. In 1988 she pairticipatit in the Lebanese talent show Studio El Fan. In 1990 she marriet Lebanese muisic manager Elie Deeb an went on tae have three childer wi him. The couple legally separated in 2008. In late 2009 Al Zoghbi wis grantit custody o her three childer.[6][7]In Mairch 2011, her divorce wis offeecially legalizit.[8]



Muisic videosEedit

Year Title Album Leid/Dialect
1990 Jayi Jayshak Lebanese Arabic
1994 Ayza El Radd Ayza El Radd Egyptian Arabic
1995 Balaee Fi Zamany Balaee Fi Zamany Egyptian Arabic
1995 Wala Bihemini Balaee Fi Zamany Egyptian Arabic
1996 Meen Habibi Ana Lebanese Arabic
1997 Habeit Ya Leil Habeit Ya Leil Egyptian Arabic
1997 Noss El Alb Habeit Ya Leil Lebanese Arabic
1997 Gharib Al Raai Habeit Ya Leil Khaleeji Arabic
1998 Mandam Aleik Mandam Aleik Lebanese Arabic
1998 Galbi Daq Mandam Aleik Lebanese Arabic
1998 Ala Bali Mandam Aleik Lebanese Arabic
1999 Dalouna Maloum Lebanese Arabic
1999 Maloum Maloum Lebanese Arabic
1999 Tia Maloum Lebanese Arabic
2000 El Layali El Layali Egyptian Arabic
2000 Naseeni Leeh El Layali Egyptian Arabic
2001 Tool Omri Tool Omri Egyptian Arabic
2001 Haseb Nafsak Tool Omri Lebanese Arabic
2002 Elli Tmaneito Elli Tmaneito Egyptian Arabic
2003 Bilbaklak Elli Tmaneito Lebanese Arabic
2004 Bieinak Eineik Kaddabeen Egyptian Arabic
2004 Eineik Kaddabeen Eineik Kaddabeen Egyptian Arabic
2005 Rouhi Ya Rouhi Yama Alou Egyptian Arabic
2006 Shou Akhbarak Yama Alou Lebanese Arabic
2006 Yama Alou Yama Alou Egyptian Arabic
2006 Adi Yama Alou Khaleeji Arabic
2007 Aghla el Habayib Yama Alou Lebanese Arabic
2008 Albi Isa'lo Khalas Sameht Lebanese Arabic
2008 Leih Moushtalak Khalas Sameht Egyptian Arabic
2009 Mona Ainah Ma'rafsh Leh Khaleeji Arabic
2011 Alf We Miyi Ma'rafsh Leh Lebanese Arabic
2011 Ma'rafsh Leh Ma'rafsh Leh Egyptian Arabic