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Narodnaya Volya (Roushie: Наро́дная во́ля, "Fowk Freedom" or "Fowk's Will") wis a nineteent-century revolutionary poleetical organisation in the Roushie Empire which advocatit an indigenous socialism based upon the massive Roushie peasantry, a muivement kent as "Populism" (Roushie: Народничество). Componed primarily o young revolutionary socialist intellectuals believin in the efficacy o terrorism, Narodnaya Volya emerged in the faw o 1879 frae a split o an earlier revolutionary organisation cried Zemlya i Volya ("Laund an Liberty").

Narodnaya Volya
Foondit 1879
Dissolved 1884
Heidquarters Roushie Empire
Ideology Revolutionary socialism
Agrarian socialism