This airticle is aboot the Japanese corporation an its subsidiars. For ither uisses, see Namco (disambiguation).

Namco Limited (株式会社ナムコ, Kabushiki gaisha Namuko) is a Japanese corporation that operates gemme centers an theme pairks, but is best kent for its previous incarnation as a video gemme developer an publisher. Its heidquairters are locatit in Minato, Tokyo. [1] The company's Inglis name is aften offeecially written as NAMCO (in aw caipital letters).

Namco Limited
Native name
Kabushiki gaisha Namuko
Umwhile cried
Nakamura Manufacturing (1955 - 1977)
Kabushiki gaisha
IndustrieVideo arcade, amusement pairk
FoonditJuin 1, 1955
(original, nou Bandai Namco Entertainment)

March 31, 2006
(current company)
FoonderMasaya Nakamura
HeidquartersMinato, Tokyo, Japan
ProductsLeet o Namco gemmes
ParentBandai Namco Holdings
SubsidiariesNamco Enterprises Asia
Shanghai Namco
Namco America
Namco Cybertainment
Namco Operations Europe

The oreeginal Namco Ltd. wis foondit in 1955 as Nakamura Manufacturing. In 2006, Namco absorbit the video gemme diveesion o its sister company Bandai an formally renamit itsel Namco Bandai Games. The same day, its existin amusement diveesion split tae fuirm a new company cried Namco Ltd.



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