Moont Kinabalu (Malay: Gunung Kinabalu) is a moontain locatit at the Wast Coast Diveesion o Sabah, Malaysie. It is protectit as Kinabalu Park, a Warld Heritage Steid. Kinabalu is the heichest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range an is the heichest moontain in the Malay Archipelago as weel as the heichest moontains in Malaysie.[note 1] Moont Kinabalu is awso the 20th maist prominent moontain in the warld bi topographic prominence.[1]

Moont Kinabalu
Gunung Kinabalu'
MtKinabalu view from kundasan.jpg
Moont Kinabalu
Heichest pynt
Elevation4,096 m (13,438 ft)
Prominence4,096 m (13,438 ft) 
Ranked 20t
Isolation2,538 kilometres (1,577 mi)
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Spesial (Ribu)
Coordinates6°5′N 116°33′E / 6.083°N 116.550°E / 6.083; 116.550Coordinates: 6°5′N 116°33′E / 6.083°N 116.550°E / 6.083; 116.550
Moont Kinabalu is locatit in Borneo Topography
Moont Kinabalu
Moont Kinabalu
Location in Borneo
LocationSabah, Borneo,
Parent rangeCrocker Range
First ascentMairch 1851
Hugh Low (summit plateau)
John Whitehead (heichest peak)
Easiest routeHikin

In 1997, a re-survey uisin satellite technology established its summit (kent as Low's Peak) height at 4,095 metres (13,435 ft) abuin sea level, which is some 6 metres (20 ft) less than the previously thought an hithertae published figure o 4,101 metres (13,455 ft).[2]

Moont Kinabalu includes the Kinabalu montane alpine meadows ecoregion in the montane gresslands an shrublands biome. The moontain an its surroondins are amang the maist important biological steids in the warld, wi atween 5,000 and 6,000 species of plants, 326 species o birds, an mair than 100 mammalian species identifee'd. Amang this rich collection o wildlife are famous species sic as the gigantic Rafflesia plants an orangutans. Moont Kinabalu haes been accordit UNESCO Warld Heritage status.[3][4][5]

Low's Peak can be climbed bi a person in guid physical condition an thate is nae need for moontaineerin equipment at ony pynt on the main route, but climbers must be accompanied bi accreditit guides at aw times due tae naitional pairk regulations an mey experience altitude sickness.[6]


  1. Given the definition of the Malay Archipelago excludin New Guinea, where aboot 22 mountains exceed 4100 m.


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