Misery's Omen is a progressive black metal baund frae Australie that formed in 1998.

In 2000 the demo wis recordit an released via Necrosound Productions (Aus) as a limitit split tape release wi Cauldron Black Ram. The 'To Worship Stone Gods' EP wis recordit an released through Hellflame Productions (Ita) in 2001 an in 2003 Bindrune Records (USA) released a compilation CD o baith the demo an EP. Misery's Omen haes made appearances on multiple compilations, in particular the Barbaric Onslaught LP released bi Decius Productions 2003/2004. This compilation LP showcased ae Australian baunds such as: Portal, Martire, Stargazer, Grenade an Destruktor.

Efter 5 years o silence, Misery's Omen haes finally released their debut album Hope Dies through Worship Him Records in Norawa. The album contains 10 new tracks an is 55 minutes in length. The cover airt wis creatit bi infamous unnergrund airtist Kris Verwimp.

Misery's Omen is nou makin progress toward recordin new material for future releases includin a pendin split wi Denial of God.


  • Agony Doom - vocals an guitar
  • D.E.M.O.N. - bass
  • Malificunt Pope Choker - drums.


Studio albumsEedit

  • Hope Dies (2008)


  • Misery's Omen - Demo 2000 (Demo Tape, 2000)
  • Misery's Omen / Cauldron Black Ram - Split (Tape, 2000)
  • To Worship Stone Gods (7" EP, 2001)
  • Misery's Omen - Compilation CD (CD, 2003)
  • Barbaric Onslaught - Australian Underground Compilation (LP, 2003)

Freemit airtinsEedit