Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen (born 19 November 1977 in Aalborg), is a Dens Social Democrat politeecian wha is servin as Prime meenister o Denmark syne 27 Juin 2019. She haes been a memmer o the Folketing—the pairlament o Denmark—syne 2001.[1] She wis Meenister o Employment o Denmark frae October 3, 2011.


Frederiksen wis born in Aalborg; her faither a typografer an her mither a teacher.[1] She wis educatit at the Aalborghus Gymnasium an studiet admeenistration an social science at Aalborg University.[1] Efter graduatin in 2000, she wirkit as a youth consultant for LO, The Dens Confederation o Trade Unions.[1]

Frederiksen wis electit as a memmer o pairlament for Copenhagen Coonty in the general election held on 20 November 2001.[1] Efter her election, she wis namit as her pairty's spokesperson for cultur, media an gender equality.[1] She became her pairty's spokesperson for social affairs efter the 2005 election.[1] An aw follaein the 2005 election, she haes servit as the vice-chairperson o the pairlamentary group o the Social Democratic pairty.[1]

In May 2010 it wis revealed that Frederiksen's dochter—alang wi the childer o several ither prominent Social Democrat politeecians—wis bein educatit at a private school.[2] Frederiksen, alang wi her colleagues, wis accuised o hypocrisy bi the Dens press as her pairty haed lang seen the promotion o public education as a key policy.[2] In 2005, Frederiksen haed openly criticisit parents who sent thair childer tae private schuils.[2] Frederiksen respondit tae the criticism bi saying that her opinion on private education haed acome mair nuancit syne her remarks 2005 an that it wad hae been hypocritical o her tae put her awn poleetical career ahead o her dochter's best interest.[3]

Opponent o prostitutionEedit

Mette Frederiksen haes for mony years strangly advocatit for a prohibition o buyin sexual services lik in Swaden an Norawa[4]. Pimpin, procurin an operatin a bordel are aaready illegal in Denmark.

Prime meenisterEedit

Mette Frederiksen haes been Prime meenister o Denmark syne 27 Juin 2019; she is the youngest person an seicont wumman (efter Helle Thorning-Schmidt) tae hauld this poseetion.


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