Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis is a full-size rear-wheel drive sedan sauld bi the Lincoln-Mercury division o the Ford Motor Company; the Grand Marquis is the flagship o the Mercury lineup. The nameplate haes been in uise syne 1975 an haes been a distinct caur line syne 1983. The Grand Marquis is essentially Mercury's twin o the Ford Crown Victoria wi which it shares its Panther platform alang wi the Lincoln Town Car. Syne its introduction, the Grand Marquis haes anerlie been available wi a V8 engine. Wi features sic as sax-passenger bench seating an rear-wheel drive, it remains ane o the last "traditional" American full-size caurs still available for retail sale; it haes even taken the place o its Crown Victoria twin in retail markets (the Crown Victoria haes been dropped frae non-fleet sales efter 2007).

Mercury Grand Marquis
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
Model years1983–2011
Bouk an chassis
ClessFull-size sedan
LayootFR layoot, Body-on-frame
PlatformFord Panther platform
RelatitLincoln Toun Caur
Ford Crown Victoria
PredecessorMercury Marquis

Introduction eedit

The Mercury Marquis wis introduced as a trim package on the 1967 Mercury Monterey. The Marquis name gradually replaced Monterey. The Grand Marquis trim line wis introduced in 1975 as a step up frae the base Marquis an Marquis Brougham. In 1979, the full-size Mercury wis moved frae the Mercury version o the 1973-1978 full-size Ford tae the aw-new Panther platform; the Grand Marquis trim line wis retained. The Ford equivalent tae a Grand Marquis wis a LTD Landau, which became the LTD Crown Victoria in 1980.

The Grand Marquis became a model in its awn right in 1983 when the Marquis nameplate wis shiftit tae the Fox platform tae replace the unpopular sedan an wagon models o the Cougar. Syne then, thare hae been fower generations o the Grand Marquis: 1983-1991 (the ae version sauld in multiple body styles), 1992–1997, 1998–2002, an the final generation, 2003-2011 (this generation wis sauld as the 2003-2004 Marauder).