Maximilien de Béthune, Duke o Sully

Maximilien de Béthune, (1st) Duke o Sully (13 December 1560 – 22 December 1641) wis a french nobleman an Duke who assisted Keeng Henry IV o Fraunce rule o Fraunce. He wis the Informal Chief Minister tae the French Monarch frae 1589–1610. He wis created a Marshal o Fraunce in 1634 bi Keeng Louis XIII.

Maximilien de Béthune
Duke o Sully
The Duke o Sully bi an unknown artist.
Full name
Maximilien de Béthune
Born13 December 1560
Château de Rosny, Fraunce
Dee'd22 December 1641 (aged 81)
Villebon, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Anne de Courtenay
Rachel de Cochefilet
Maximilien, Duke o Sully
François, Duke o Orval
Marguerite Duchess o Rohan
Louise, "Maréchale de La Foi"
FaitherFrançois de Béthune
MitherCharlotte Dauvet

Issuefrae first mairiage eedit

  1. Maximilien de Béthune, Duke o Sully.

Issue frae seicont mairiage eedit

  1. François de Béthune, Duke o Orval.
  2. Marguerite de Béthune mairit Henri de Rohan, Duke o Rohan an haed issue.
  3. Louise de Béthune mairit Alexandre de Lévis, Maréchal de La Foi.

Ither teetles eedit

Duke o Sully,

  • Peer o Fraunce,
  • Marshal o Fraunce,
  • Sovereign Prince o Henrichemont,
  • Prince o Boisbelle,
  • Marquis o Rosny,
  • Marquis o Nogent-le-Béthune,
  • Coont o Muret,
  • Coont o Villebon,
  • Viscoont o Meaux,
  • Viont o Champrond,
  • Baron o Conti,
  • Baron o Caussade,
  • Baron o Montricoux,
  • Baron o Montigny,
  • Baron o Breteuil,

8baron o Francastel,

  • Lord o La Falaise,
  • Lord o Las,
  • Lord o Vitray,
  • Lord o Lalleubellouis etc.

Ither wabsteids eedit

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