Matsuo Bashō 松尾 芭蕉 (1644 – 28 November 1694) wis the maist famous poet o the Edo period in Japan. Durin his lifetime, Bashō wis recognised for his works in the collaborative haikai no renga form; today, efter centuries o commentary, he is recognised as a master o brief an clear haiku. His poetry is internaitionally renouned, an athin Japan mony o his poems ar reproduced on monuments an traditional sites.

Bashō wis introduced tae poetry at a yung age, an efter integratin himsel intae the intellectual scene o Edo he quickly became well-kent throughoot Japan. He made a livin as a teacher, but renoonced the social, urban life o the literary circles an wis inclined tae wander throughoot the kintra, heidin wast, east, an far intae the northren wilderness tae gain inspiration for his writin. His poems wur influenced bi his firsthand experience o the warld aroond him, aften encapsulatin the feelin o a scene in a few simple elements.