Mass murther (in militar contexts, whiles interchyngeable wi "mass destruction") is the act o murtherin a muckle hantle o fowk (fower or mair), teepically at the same time or ower a relatively short period o time.[1] Accordin tae the FBI, mass murther is defined as fower or mair murthers occurrin in a pairticular event wi nae ceulin-aff period atween the murthers. A mass murther teepically occurs in a single location whaur a nummer o victims are killt bi a single body or a group o bodies.[2] Maist acts o mass murther end wi the daith o the perpetrator(s), whether bi direct suicide, suicide bi cop or bein killed bi law enforcement.

Mass murder mey be committit bi indiwallers or organisations. Mass murther mey be definit as the intentional an indiscriminate murther o a fair hantle o fowk bi govrenment agents an aw. Examples are the shuitin o unairmit protestors, the carpet bombin o ceeties, the lobbin o grenades intae preeson cells an the random execution o civilians.[3] Mass murtherers are different fae spree killers, wha kill at twa or mair locations wi amaist nae time break atween murthers an are no defined bi the nummer o victims, an serial killers, wha mey kill a fair hantle o fowk ower lang periods o time. The mucklemaist mass killins in history hae been attempts tae exterminate hale groups or commonties o fowk, aften on the basis o ethnicity or releegion. Some o thir mass murthers hae been foond tae be genocides an ithers tae be creemes agin humanity, but aften siclike creemes hae led tae few or nae convictions o ony type.


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