Manouba Govrenorate

Manouba Govrenorate (Arabic: ولاية منوبة‎) is ane o the twintie-fower govrenorates (provinces) o Tunisie. It is situatit in northren Tunisie. It haes a population o 336,000 (2004 census), an a aurie o 1,137 km2. The caipital is Manouba.

Location o Manouba Governorate

Geography Eedit

The govrenorate is locatit 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) frae the caipital an surroondit bi the govrenorates o Bizerte, Zaghouan, Beja, Tunis, Ariana an Ben Arous.

The average temperatur is 18.7 °C an annual rainfaw is 450 millimeters.

Admeenistratively, the govrenorate is dividit intae aicht delegations (mutamadiyat), nine municipalities, echt rural cooncils and 47 imadas.

Delegation[1] Population in 2004[2]
Borj El Amri 16,184
Djedeida (Jedaida) 40,327
Douar Hicher 75,959
El Battan 17,321
Manouba 51,398
Mornaguia 35,129
Oued Ellil 58,544
Tebourba 41,050

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