Man Must Die
Oreegin: Glesga, Scotland
Genre(s): Technical daith metal
Years active: 2002-
Labels: Relapse, Retribute
Associatit acts: Co-Exist, Confusion Corporation,
Godplayer, Madman is Absolute,
Sons of Slaughter, Zillah
Current members Joe McGlynn
Alan McFarland
Danny McNab
Matt Holland
JJ McGowan
Past members: John Lee
René Hauffe
David Stanford

Man Must Die is a Scots technical daith metal baund frae Glesga, formed in 2002.

History eedit

Man Must Die wis formed in Mey 2002, wi John Lee, Alan McFarland, Danny McNab an Joe McGlynn. The baund members wis kent atouer the Glesga metal scene through ither baunds lik Regorge, Confusion Corporation, Co-Exist an Godplayer. They released a fower-track demo, The Season Of Evil, in 2003 whilk attractit label Retribute Records wha released their debut album ...Start Killing, in 2004. They released their seicont studio album through Relapse Records, titled The Human Condition. In 2007, Man Must Die pairtit ways wi John Lee who wis replaced bi Matt Holland, the umwhile drummer o Inversus, Zillah, Sons Of Slaughter an Madman Is Absolute.

Man Must Die hae recently released their third studio album, entitled "No Tolerance For Imperfection" in 2009 through Relapse Records. They toured ootthrough Europe in 2009 an played at the 2009 Maryland Death Metal Festival.

Members eedit

Current eedit

Umwhile eedit

  • John Lee – drums (2002–2008)
  • René Hauffe - guitar (2009)
  • David Sandford - (2009-2010)

Discography eedit

Studio albums
  • ...Start Killing (2004)
  • The Human Condition (2007)
  • No Tolerance for Imperfection (2009)
  • Peace Was Never an Option (2013)
  • The Season of Evil (2003)

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