Luxor Govrenorate

Luxor Govrenorate ([‏امحافظة لأصق Muḥāfaẓat al Aqṣur] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) haes been ane o Egyp's govrenorates since December 7, 2009.[1] It is locatit 635 km sooth o Cairo. It is the smawest govrenorate in Egyp, spannin approximately 5 km frae north tae sooth, an 1.5 km frae east tae wast. It lies in Upper Egyp alang the Nile. The ceety o Luxor is the caipital o the Luxor govrenorate. Ither ceeties in the govrenorate include Armant an Esna. The naitional day is the 7t o December, commemoratin the establishment o the govrenorate.

Luxor Govrenorate on the map o Egyp

Emblem eedit

The emblem o Luxor represents the bust o Tutankhamen on board of an Auncient Egyptian canoe boat, cruisin in the Nile, wi an obelisk an the sun licht in the backgrund.

Geography eedit

The govrenorate's total aurie is 2409.68 km2, representin 0.24% o the kintra's aurie.

Demographics eedit

As o 2006 census, the population o Luxor govrenorate is 451,318 fowk. 47.4% o them live in urban auries, while 52.6% live in rural auries. The population growth rate is 18.2 per thoosan.

References eedit

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Coordinates: 25°41′N 32°39′E / 25.683°N 32.650°E / 25.683; 32.650