Luxembourg Destrict

The Destrict o Luxembourg, sometimes o Luxemburg, is ane o three destricts o the Grand Duchy o Luxembourg. It contains fower cantons, dividit intae 46 communes:

  1. Capellen
  2. Esch-sur-Alzette
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Mersch

It borders the destrict o Grevenmacher tae the east, the destrict o Diekirch tae the north, the Belgian province o Luxembourg tae the wast an the French Département o Moselle tae the sooth. It haes the heichest per caipita income o the destricts o the duchy. Its per caipita income is $72,300.

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Coordinates: 49°35′N 6°10′E / 49.583°N 6.167°E / 49.583; 6.167