Louis Nicolas de Neufville, Duke o Villeroy

Louis Nicolas de Neufville, Duke o Villeroy (24 December 1663 - 22 Aprile 1734) wis a French duke. Hw wis the eldest son o the maréchal de Villeroy. He wis the Duke o Retz (1716), Marquis o Alincourt then in 1730, he became the third Duke o Villeroy, an the Duke o Beaupréau.

Louis Nicolas de Neufville
Duke o Villeroy
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Coat o arms o the Duke o Villeroy.
Full name
Louis Nicolas de Neufville
Born24 December 1663
Dee'd22 Aprile 1734 (aged 71)
Spoose(s)Marguerite Le Tellier
Louis François, Duke o Villeroy
François Camille, Duke o Alincourt
Marguerite Louise Sophie, Duchess o Harcourt
Madeleine Angélique, Duchess o Boufflers
FaitherFrançois de Neufville
MitherMarguerite Marie de Cossé


He married Marguerite Le Tellier on 23 Aprile 1694 she wis a daughter o Louvois, they haed issue.


  1. Louis François de Neufville, Duke o Villeroy (1695-1766), called the Duke o Retz later Duke o Villeroy;
  2. François Camille de Neufville (died 1732), Marquis then (1729) Duke o Alincourt;
  3. Marguerite Louise Sophie de Neufville (1698-1716) mairit François d'Harcourt, Duke o Harcourt;
  4. Madeleine Angélique de Neufville (1707-1787), married Joseph Marie de Boufflers, Duke o Boufflers (son o the Marshal-Duke o Boufflers) (1706-1747).