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Lloyd Stowell Shapley (Juin 2, 1923 – Mairch 12, 2016) wis a distinguished American mathematician an economist. He is a Professor Emeritus at Varsity o Californie, Los Angeles (UCLA), affiliatit wi departments o Mathematics an Economics. He haes contributit tae the fields o mathematical economics an especially gemme theory. Syne the wirk o von Neumann an Morgenstern in 1940s, Shapley haes been regardit bi mony experts as the very personification o gemme theory.[1][2][3] Wi Alvin E. Roth, Shapley wan the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences "for the theory o stable allocations an the practice o mercat design."[4]

Nobel prize medal.svg
Lloyd Shapley
Shapley, Lloyd (1980).jpg
Lloyd Shapley, 1980
Born Lloyd Stowell Shapley
2 Juin 1923(1923-06-02)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Died 12 Mairch 2016 (aged 92)
Residence U.S.
Naitionality American
Alma mater Princeton Varsity
Harvard Varsity
Kent for Shapley value
Shapley–Shubik pouer index
stochastic gemmes
Bondareva-Shapley theorem
Shapley–Folkman lemma & theorem
Gale–Shapley algorithm
potential gemme
core, kernel an nucleolus
mercat gemmes
authority distribution
multi-person utility
non-atomic gemmes
Awairds Nobel Memorial Prize
in Economic Sciences
John von Neumann Theory Prize
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics, Economics
Institutions Varsity o Californie, Los Angeles, 1981-
Rand Corporation, 1948-9, 1954-81
Princeton Varsity, 1953-4
US Army, 1943-5
Doctoral advisor Albert W. Tucker
Influences John von Neumann
Martin Shubik
Jon Folkman
Influenced Martin Shubik
Jon Folkman


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  3. R. Aumann's Nobel Lecture. R. Aumann considers L.S. Shapley to be the greatest game theorist of all time.
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