Lichthoose o Alexandria

The Lichthoose o Alexandria, sometimes cried the Pharos o Alexandria (Auncient Greek: ὁ Φάρος τῆς Ἀλεξανδρείας), wis a lichthoose biggit bi the Ptolemaic Kinrick atween 280 an 247 BC which was atween 393 an 450 ft (120 an 137 m) taw. Ane o the Seiven Wunners o the Auncient Warld, it wis ane o the tawest man-made structurs in the warld for mony centuries. Badly damaged bi three yirdquauks atween AD 956 an 1323, it then acame an abandoned ruin.

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Lighthouse - Thiersch.png
Drawin bi archaeologist Hermann Thiersch (1909)
LocationPharos, Alexandria, Egyp
Coordinates31°12′50″N 29°53′08″E / 31.21389°N 29.88556°E / 31.21389; 29.88556Coordinates: 31°12′50″N 29°53′08″E / 31.21389°N 29.88556°E / 31.21389; 29.88556
Year first constructitc. 280 BC
Touer shapeSquare (ablo), octagonal (middle) an circular (tap)
Hicht393–450 ft (120–137 m)
Range47 km (29 mi)
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