Leng Tch'e

Leng Tch'e is a grindcore baund based in Belgium. The baund describes thair style as "razorgrind", a combination o grindcore wi daith metal, stoner rock an metalcore.

Leng Tch'e
OreiginGhent, Belgium
Years active2001–present
LabelsThe Spew, Willowtip (2001–2004)
Relapse (2005–2009)
Season of Mist (syne 2010)
Associate actsAborted
Last Days Of Humanity

The baund's name is derived frae "lingchi", a method o tortur an execution originating frae Imperial Cheenae which is kent as the "Death by a Thousand Cuts" forby. Death by a Thousand Cuts is the name o ane o the baund's albums an aw.


The baund's Myspace page credits Regurgitate, Hemdale, Nasum an Blood Duster as formative influences for the group. Jan Hallaert haes cited Hateplow, Bury Your Dead, Burnt by the Sun, Yob, The Sword, Converge, Neurosis, Mastodon, Aborted, Ringworm, Morbid Angel, Hatebreed, Torche, Suffocation, Fu Manchu, an Cephalic Carnage an aw.


Current membersEedit

  • Serge Kasongo - vocals (syne 2008)
  • Jan Hallaert - Guitar (syne 2002)
  • Nicolas Malfeyt - Bass (syne 2005)
  • Tony Van den Eynde - drums (syne 2007)

Umwhile membersEedit

  • Kevin - Bass (2001-2002)
  • Glen Herman - Guitar (2001-2003)
  • Isaac Roelaert - vocals (2001-2005)
  • Sven de Caluwé (aka Svencho) - drums (2001-2007)
  • Nir Doliner - Guitar (2003)
  • Frank "Rizzo" Stijnen - Guitar (2003-2004)
  • Geert Devenster - Guitar (2004-2007)
  • Peter Goemaere - Guitar (2007)
  • Boris Cornelissen - vocals (2005-2008)