Leader o the Opposeetion (Unitit Kinrick)

The Leader o Her Majesty's Maist Lyal Opposeetion (mair commonly kent as the Leader o the Opposeetion) is the politeecian wha leads the offeecial opposeetion in the Unitit Kinrick.

Leader o the Opposeetion o the Unitit Kinrick
Jeremy Corbyn, Tolpuddle 2016, 1 crop.jpg
Jeremy Corbyn

since 12 September 2015
Term lengthWhile leader o the lairgest poleetical pairty nae in govrenment
Inaugural holderThe Laird Grenville
FurmationMairch 1807
1 July 1937 (Statutory)
Salary£139,355 (2010)[1]
WabsteidThe Shaidae Cabinet


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