The lanthanide /ˈlænθənd/ or lanthanoid /ˈlænθənɔɪd/ series o chemical elements[1] comprises the fifteen metallic chemical elements wi atomic nummers 57 through 71, frae lanthanum through lutetium.[2][3][4] These fifteen lanthanide elements, alang wi the chemically seemilar elements scandium an yttrium, are eften collectively kent as the rare yird elements.


  1. The current IUPAC recommendation is that the name lanthanoid be uised rather than lanthanide, as the suffix "-ide" is preferred for negative ions whauras the suffix "-oid" indicates similarity tae ane o the members o the containin faimily o elements. However, lanthanide is still favored in maist (~90%) scientific airticles an is currently adoptit on Wikipedia. In the aulder leeteratur, the name "lanthanon" wis eften uised.
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