Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol tae the Unitit Naitions Framework Convention on Climate Chynge (UNFCCC) is an internaitional treaty that sets bindin obligations on industrialized kintras tae reduce emissions o greenhoose gases.

Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol tae the Unitit Naitions Framework Convention on Climate Chynge
A warld cairt in which kintras are colored accordin tae their commitment status for the period 2013-2020 o the Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol participation cairt
(commitment period: 2013–20)

     Pairties; Annex I & II kintras wi bindin tairgets      Pairties; Developin kintras wioot bindin tairgets*      States nae Pairty tae the Protocol      Signatory kintra wi no intention tae ratify the treaty, wi no bindin targets[1]      Kintras that hae renoonced the Protocol, wi no bindin targets*[2]

     Pairties wi no bindin targets in the seicont period, which previously haed targets*[3]
*Note: As pairt o the 2010 Cancún agreements, 76 developed an developin kintras hae made voluntary pledges tae control thair emissions o greenhoose gases.[4][5]
Signed11 December 1997[6]
Effective16 Februar 2005[6]
CondeetionRatification bi 55 States tae the Convention, incorporatin States includit in Annex I which accoonted in tot for at least 55 per cent o the tot carbon dioxide emissions for 1990 o the Pairties includit in Annex I
DepositarySecretar-General o the Unitit Naitions
LeidsArabic, Cheenese, Inglis, French, Roushie an Spainyie
Kyoto Protocol at Wikisource
Kyoto Protocol Extension (2012–20)
Doha Amendment tae the Kyoto Protocol[7]
Ratification o the Doha Amendment
  States that ratified
  Kyoto protocol pairties that did nae ratify
  Non pairties tae the Kyoto Protocol
Draftit8 December 2012[7]
LocationDoha, Qatar[7]
Effectivenae in effect[7]
Condeetionratification bi 3/4 of the member states
Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol at Wikisource


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