Kohgiluyeh an Boyer-Ahmad Province

The Kohgiluyeh an Boyer-Ahmad Province (Persie: استان کهگیلویه و بویراحمد‎, Ostān-e Kohgīrūye-o Būyer-Ahmad ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. It is in the sooth-wast o the kintra, an its caipital is Yasuj. The province covers an aurie o 15,563 square kilometer, an in 2006 haed a population o 634,000. The fowk mainly speak in Lurish leid.

Location o Kohgiluyeh an Boyer-Ahmad athin Iran


The province is maistly muntainous in terrain, pairt o the Zagros range. The heichest point is the Dena summit wi a heicht o 4,409 meters.

The muntain range o Dena, wi mair nor 20 elevations an ower 4000 meter heich abuin the sea level, is, in fact, the great Himalayas in miniatur. The muntain range, whilk is locatit in Kohgiluyeh va Buyer Ahmad province, is covered wi aik wid. Naitural walls, the singin o the birds, an fresh air fascinate aw luivers o natur.

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