Kirkpaitrick Durham

(Reguidit frae Kirkpatrick Durham)

Kirkpaitrick Durham is a veelage an pairish in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire, Dumfries an Gallowa, soothwast Scotland. It is locatit 6 mile north o Castle Douglas. The veelage wis developit in the late 18t century as a haund-luim weavin centre, within the existin pairish o the same name. The praisent kirk wis built in 1850 by Dumfries-sted airchitect Walter Newall.[1]

Kirkpaitrick Durham

In the 19t century the meenister here was nominal the Rev. George Duncan. Isabelle Wight Duncan wis his mither tae nine o thair children. In 1860 she publisht a beuk that gaed up again On the Origin of Species. Her beuk greed the kythin geological diskiverys wi the stories o Genesis.[2]

John Gerrond (1765-1832) the sel-style't "Galloway Poet", wis born at Gateside o Bar in Kirkpaitrick Durham. His warks include Poems on Several Occasions, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (1802), The Poetical and Prose Works of John Gerrond (1812), and The New Poetical Works of John Gerrond, the Galloway Poet, (1818). He deed in the cholera epidemic in Dumfries in 1832.[1] Archived 2018-09-01 at the Wayback Machine He died in the cholera epidemic in Dumfries in 1832.

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Coordinates: 55°0′39.74″N 3°53′46.63″W / 55.0110389°N 3.8962861°W / 55.0110389; -3.8962861