Kim (Korean surname)

faimily name (김)
(Reguidit frae Kim (Korean name))

Kim, sometimes spelled Gim, is the maist common family name in Korea. The hanja uised for the name (金) means "gowd," an although the character is usually pronooncit 금 [kɯm] geum, it is pronooncit 김 [kim] gim when uised for the faimily name an names o some ceeties, e.g. Gimhae (김해, 金海) an Gimpo (김포, 金浦). The surname is uised in Cheenae (as Jin) alang wi Cambodie an Vietnam, although it is less common in Vietnam.

Faimily name
PronunciationGim, Kim
Region o originKorea
Leid(s) o originKorean
Revised RomanisationGim


45% o Korean fowk bear the faimily name Kim, Lee, or Park
  Kim, Gim, Ghim
  Lee, Yi, Rhee, Yie
  Park, Pak
  Choi, Choe
  Jung, Jeong, Chung, Cheong

As wi maist ither Korean faimily names, there are mony Kim clans, kent in Korean as bon-gwan (본관, 本貫), each o which consists o individual Kim faimilies. Maist Kims belang ae ane o a few vera lairge clans. Even athin each clan, fowk in different faimilies are no relatit tae ilk ither. These distinctions are important, synce Korean law uised tae prohibit intermarriage in the same clan, nae matter hou remote the relationship; nou, housomeivver, anerlie those in a relationship o seicont cousins or closer are prohibitit frae marryin.

As wi ither Korean faimily names, the Kim clans are distinguished bi the place frae which they claim tae oreeginate. A vera lairge nummer o distinct Kim clans exist, besides those leetit here. The 2000 Sooth Korean census leetit 348 extant Kim lineages.

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