A kil is a chaumer that is thermally insulate. It is a kynd o uin, in whilk a controlled temperatur regime is produced. Uisses include the hairdenin, burnin or dryin materials. Kils are uised for the firin o materials an aw, sic as cley an ither raw materials, for tae furm ceramics.[1]

Charcoal Kils, California
Gowd Kil, Victoria, Australia
Hop kil
File:Denver Anagama Being Fired.jpg
Anagama kil firin.
Farnham Pottery, Wrecclesham, Surrey wi the preserved bottle kil on the richt o the photae
Catenary arch kil unner construction
An empty, intermittent kil; note the decoratit vase haen juist been remuived frae the kil
Indian brick kil

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