King Wu o Qin (Cheenese: 秦武王; 329–307 BC), kent as King Daowulie of Qin (秦悼武烈王) or King Daowu o Qin (秦悼武王) or King Wulie o Qin (秦武烈王) forby, wis the ruler o the Qin state frae 310 tae 307 BC in the Warrin States period o Cheenese history.

Dang (蕩)
King Wu o Qin (秦武王)
Ring310–307 BC
Born329 BC
Dee'd307 BC (aged 21–22)
SpouseQueen Daowu
Full name
FaitherKing Huiwen o Qin
MitherQueen Huiwen
Keeng Wu o Qin
 Dee'd: 307 BC
Regnal teetles
Precedit bi
King Huiwen
King o Qin
310–307 BC
Succeedit bi
King Zhaoxiang