Kazuko Konishi

Japanese Go player

Kazuko Konishi is a Japanese perfaisional Go player at Kansai Ki-in, Osaka Prefectur. She is kent as ane o the strangest female Go player in the Kansai region[1][2].


Year Notes[1][2]
1989 Obtainit perfaisional status
1997 Finalist at the Weemen's Kakusei (女流鶴聖)
2001 Reachit tae 7-dan rank (In Japan, anly few female players hae reachit tae this rank).
2004 Reachit tae 8-dan rank. She is the 2nt female Kansai Ki-in player tae reach this rank[3].
2005 an 2006 Finalist at the Weemen's Champion title (女流最強位)
2006 Victory at the Kansai Ladies Go Tournament
2014 Finalist at the Weemen's Shusaku Cup (女流秀策杯[4])
2015 Finalist at the Weemen's Buird Master title (女流棋聖)[5]

Awards frae Kansai Ki-inEedit

Name o awaird Notes[1][2]
Rookie Awaird (新人賞) Receivit in 1995
Dogen Awaird (道玄賞[6]) Receivit 2 times
Yamano Awaird (山野賞[6]), Nagai Awaird (永井賞[6]), an the Special Awaird Receivit Ance


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