Kanpur diveesion

Kanpur diveesion is an admeenistrative geographical unit o Uttar Pradesh state o Indie. Kanpur is the administrative headquarters o the division. Currently (2005), the diveesion consists o destricts o Kanpur Akbarpur (Kanpur Dehat) Etawah Farukhabad Kannauj Auraiya destrict.

History o admeenistrative destricts in Kanpur diveesion


Kanpur diveesion wis earlier pairt o the Allahabad diveesion. In the year, 2000, the Mayawati govrenment did a major reshuffle o the Allahabad diveesion, an a separate Kanpur diveesion wis creatit.

The Kanpur destrict itsel wis bifurcatit intae Kanpur an Kanpur dehat, which is nou renamit as RamaBai Nagar, on the name o the wife o Kanshi Ram, the BSP leader.

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