Kālidāsa (Sanskrit: कालिदासः) wis a Clessical Sanskrit writer, widely regairdit as the greatest poet an dramatist in the Sanskrit leid. His plays an poetry are primarily based on the Indie Puranas.[1]

Born5th century CE
Dee'dGupta Empire, in Ujjain
GenreSanskrit drama, Clessical leeteratur
SubjectEpic poetry, Puranas
Notable warksAbhijñānaśākuntalam, Raghuvaṃśa, Meghadūta, Vikramōrvaśīyam, Kumārasambhava

Much aboot his life is unkent, anerly whit can be inferred frae his poetry an plays.[2] His floruit canna be datit wi preceesion, but maist likely faws within the 5t century CE.[3]


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