Josh Kalis

Josh Kalis (born 27 Aprile 1976, in Grand Rapids, Michigan) is a professional street skatebuirder.

Kalis wis sponsored bi Alien Workshop for a lang while, but switched his buird sponsor tae DGK in 2009.[1] Kalis wis said tae hae felt like an ootcast on Alien bi mony o his umwhile teammates.


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Josh Kalis is a professional skatebuirder. He is sponsored bi DGK, DC Shoes, Gold Wheels, an Silver Trucks. In Januar 2010, EA Blackbox annooncit Kalis wad be in their video gemme, Skate 3. Although Kalis wis professional afore this, he is maist weel kent for being a central pairt o the legendary LOVE pairk scene in Philadelphia durin the late 90's. Unlike maist professionals, Kalis haes no stayed in Californie throughoot his career an his muivit tae mony ceeties that are no as weel kent for their skate scenes. He haes livit in Grand Rapids Michigan (whaur he grew up), Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Diego, an San Francisco.

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