John MacKenzie Nicolson[1] (born 23 Juin 1961) is a Scots Naitional Pairty (SNP) politeecian an umwhile Scots telly presenter. He wis the Member o Pairlament (MP) for East Dunbairtonshire, electit in the 2015 general election on 7 Mey 2015. He wis the SNP spokesperson on Cultur, Media an Sport in the Hoose o Commons an a member o the Hoose o Commons Cultur, Media an Sport Committee.[2][3]

John Nicolson

Member o Pairlament
for Ochil an Sooth Perthshire
Assumed office
12 December 2019
Precedit biLuke Graham
Majority4,498 (7.8%)
Member o Pairlament
for East Dunbartonshire
In office
8 Mey 2015 – 3 Mey 2017
Precedit biJo Swinson
Succeedit biJo Swinson
Personal details
BornJohn MacKenzie Nicolson
(1961-06-23) 23 Juin 1961 (age 62)
Glesga, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScots Naitional Pairty
Alma materVarsity o Glesga

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