Ismail Kadare (Albanian: [ismaˈil kadaˈɾe], spelt Kadaré an aa; born 28 Januar 1936; deed 1 Julie 2024) wis an Albanie novelist an poet. He haes been a leadin leeterar figur in Albanie sin the 1960s. He focused on poetry till the furthsettin o his first novelle, The General o the Deid Airmy, that makkit him kenspeckle athin an ootside o Albanie. In 1996, he became a lifetime member o the Academy o Moral an Poleetical Sciences o Fraunce.

Ismail Kadare
Born28 Januar 1936(1936-01-28)
Gjirokastër, Kinrick o Albanie
Dee'd1 Julie 2024 (aged 88)
Tirana, Albanie
ThriftNovelist, poet
Notable warksThe General o the Deid Airmy 1963

The Siege 1970
Chronicle in Stone 1971
Broken Aprile 1980[1][2]
The Palace o Dreams 1981
The File on H

The Faw o the Stane Ceety 2008
Notable awairdsPrix mondial Cino Del Duca
Man Booker Internaitional Prize
Prince o Asturias Awairds
Jerusalem Prize
The Order o Legion o Honour


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