Isfahan Province

Isfahan Province ([استان اصفهان‎ Ostān-e Esfahān] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)), an aa transliteratit as Esfahan, Espahan, Sepahan or Isphahan, is ane o the 30 provinces o Iran. It is locatit in the centre o the kintra. Its caipital is the ceety o Isfahan.

Cairt o Iran wi Isfahan heichlichtit


The province o Esfahan covers an aurie o approximately 107,027 square km an is situatit in the centre o Iran. Tae its north, staund the Markazi (Central) Province an the provinces o Qom an Semnān. Tae its sooth, it is bordered bi the provinces o Fars, an Kohgiluyeh an Boyer-Ahmad Province. Aminabad is the maist soothren ceety o Esfahan province juist 2 km north o the border. Tae the east, it is bordered bi the province o Yazd. Tae the wast, it is bordered bi the province o Loristan an tae the soothwast bi the province o Chaharmahal an Bakhtiari Province.


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