Iona Fyfe

Iona Fyfe is a Scots sangster frae Huntly, Aiberdeenshire maist weel-kent for singin Scots folk sangs an muckle sangs (ballads). Efter lowsin her seicont EP "East" in 2016, Fyfe made forrit til baith the semi-finals o the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award[2] an the finals o BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year the follaein year.[3] She makkit forrit tae the Young Tranditional Musician of the Year finals again in 2021.[4] In 2019, Fyfe wan "Young Scots Speaker o the Year" at the first Scots Language Awards ceremony in Glesca,[5] an in 2020, wan Scots Performer o the year.[6]

Iona Fyfe
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Background information
Born (1998-01-16) 16 Januar 1998 (age 23)[1]
Huntly, Aiberdeenshire, Scotland
GenresScottish folk music
Doric folk music
ThriftFolk sangster-sangwriter
InstrumentsVocals, piana
Years active2012-present
LabelsCairnie Records

She is a National Director o the Traditional Music and Song Association an sers as a committee memmer o the Musicians Union Scotland.[7]


Fyfe wis born on the 16 Januar 1998 an wis brocht up in the rounds o Huntly. She stertit learin poems in the Doric byleid o Scots as a bairn. As a bairn Fyfe troked wi a wheen kenspeckle bothy balladers siclike as Jock Duncan, Joe Aitken, an Geordie Murison, bodies that Fyfe haes cried her "adoptive family".[8] Syne, efter singin folk sangs, muckle sangs, an bothy ballads athort the North East, Fyfe pit hersel forrit for a degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland an wis gien a place at the age o 16.[9] She graduatit in 2019 wi a First Class Honours degree in Traditional Music.[10]

Fyfe is pairt o the Scots leed advocacy body, Oor Vyce an outspeaks aften o the mister for Scots tae be kent as a "legal langauge".[11][8] The Scots Language Awards gied mense tae Fyfe's wark wi the Scots leid wi awards in 2019 and 2020.[5][6]


Fyfe plays the piana an sings sangs in baith English an Scots, the hinner ane aye in the Doric byleid, an pits English sangs intae Doric Scots. She performs alangside fiddler Charlie Grey an guitarist Aidan Moodie, that crys thairsels the Iona Fyfe Trio.[12] Her muisic haes been played on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 2, an BBC Radio nan Gàidheal.[13][14][15]

Her furst solo album. Away From My Window, wis recordit wi sindry ither airtists, the likes o Tim Edey an Luc McNally.[16][17]

In Dizember 2020, Fyfe lowsed her Scots owersettin o Christina Rossetti's Yulesang, In the Bleak Midwinter.[18] Efter she wisna able tae wale Scots as the leed for her sang's metadata, she publicly speirt at muisic streamin service Spotify tae eik Scots til the leids available tae descrieve uploadit sangs.[19] In Mairch 2021, Spotify eikit Scots tae their leet o leids.[20]

In 2016, Fyfe wis a semi-finalist o the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award.[21] In 2017 an 2021, she wis a finalist o the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician awaird.[3][4] Forby in 2017, she wan the Molloy Award.[22] In 2018, she wan "Scots Singer of the Year" at the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards.[23]

In Januar 2021, Fyfe scrievit a petition opponin the UK government's plans tae exclude professional muiscikers frae thair leet o wirkers permittit tae enter the EU athoot a visa, claimin the plans wid mak tourin Europe "financially unviable".[24][25]

In Apryle 2021, Fyfe pit oot a rendition o The Northern Lights, the unofficial anthem o Aberdeen F.C., efter bein commissioned bi the club.[26]


Fyfe haes lowsed twa albums an twa EPs o her sangs.[27]

2015: The First Sangs
2016: East EP
2018: Away From My Window (Cairnie Records)[28]
2019: Dark Turn of Mind (Cairnie Records)[29]


2017 - Molloy Award[22]
2018 - Scots Singer of the Year - MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards[23]
2019 - Young Scots Speaker o the Year - Scots Language Awards[5]
2020 - Scots Performer o the Year - Scots Language Awards[6]

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