Injuistice is the lack o or opposition tae juistice, aither in reference tae a parteecular event or act, or as a lairger status quo. The term generally refers tae misuise, abuse, neglect, or malfeasance that is uncorrectit or else sanctioned bi a legal seestem. Misuise an abuse wi regaird tae a parteecular case or context mey represents a seestemic failure tae serve the cause o juistice (cf. legal vacuum). Injuistice means "unfairness." Injuistice mey be clessifee'd as a different seestem in comparison tae different kintras concept o juistice an injuistice.

Injustice, ane in a series o allegorical capitals depictin vices an virtues at the Ducal Palace in Venice

Accordin tae Plato, he doesna ken wha juistice is but he kens wha juistice is no.

The Innocence Project provides a wealth o tragic cases in which the U.S. juistice seestem prosecutit an convictit the wrong person.

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