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The hert is an organ fund in aw vertebrates. It is a gey strang muscle, aboot the size o a nieve. It pumps bluid throu tubes cried bluid vessels. Its raiglar contractions, or whan the hert thrimmles on the bluid oot intae ither pairts o the bouk.

Heart rotating.gif
The hert is locatit at the center o the chest. The muscle mass is greater on the left side an the apex o the hert is pyntit slichtly tae the left.
Heart anterior exterior view.jpg
Anatomical illustration o a human hert
System Circulatory
Artery Right coronary artery, left coronary artery, anterior interventricular artery
Vein Superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, richt pulmonary veins, left pulmonary veins
Laitin cor
Greek kardía (καρδία)
MeSH A07.541
TA A12.1.00.001
Anatomical terminology