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Haundbaw (an aa kent as team haundbaw, Olympic haundbaw, European team haundbaw, European haundbaw, or Borden baw[1]) is a team sport in which twa teams o seiven players each (sax ootfield players an a goalkeeper) pass a baw uisin thair haunds wi the aim o throwin it intae the goal o the ither team. A staundart match conseests o twa periods o 30 minutes, an the team that scores mair goals wins.

Elda Prestigio Krim.jpg
Haundbaw player muives taewart the goal prior tae throwin the baw, while the goalkeeper waits tae stap it.
Heichest govrenin body IHF
First played Late-19t century, Germany an Scandinavie (Denmark, Swaden an Norawa)
Contact Yes (frontal)
Team members 7 per side (includin goalkeeper)
Mixed gender Yes, separate competeetions
Categorization Team sport, baw sport
Equipment Ball
Venue Indoor or ootduir coort
Olympic Pairt o Simmer Olympic programme in 1936.
Demonstratit at the 1952 Simmer Olympics.
Returned tae the Simmer Olympic programme since 1972.


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